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Curved Roofing System

Curved Roofing System

Proflex specialises in curved roofing systems that is self supported and has a wide industry application including, warehouses, aircraft hangars, community halls, educational institutes, sports complexes, FMCG, manufacturing plants, processing units, railways and textile amongst others. This curved roofing system innovation is of American origin and it is proven and applied in over 60 countries since last 35 years.Proflex pioneered this curved roofing system innovation in India in 2001 and has been a leader in curved roofing system since.

Curved roofing systems have been a prime choice of roofing since ancient times; mainly because they are highly energy efficient. Unlike the flat roofs where maximum heat transmission due to direct sunlight, in the Curved Roofing Systems only a small part of the curved roofing is subject to direct solar light and heat, leading temperature being a few degrees cooler on the inside.Curved Roofing System is not only high on aesthetic value but also is the most stable form of architecture.

Curved roofing systems
Years Of

Proflex started its journey in 2001, emerging as a pioneer in Self Supported Steel Roofing in India

5000 +

Proflex has successfully executed over 5000 projects across India.

1 +
Crore sq. mt. of Roofing

Proflex has installed 1 crore square meters of Roofing and completed over 5000 Projects till date

States and 5 Union Territories

Proflex has the largest network, spread across 21 States and 5 Union Territories


Proflex is offering and delivers path breaking innovations in Self Supported Steel Roofing Solutions which includes HVLS Fans, Standing Seam Roof, Wind Driven Ventilators, Skylights. The mechanics on which this equipment functions is very simple and effective.



Proair - High Volume, Low Speed fans (HVLS) are a type of mechanical fans that are greater than 7 feet (2.1 m) in diameter More..

Standing Seam Roof

Proflex is proud to bring to you Standing Seam Roof, one of the most durable and weathertight roof More..

Wind Driven Ventilators

One of the major concerns for most industrial workplaces and sheds is proper ventilation More..


Proflex offers polycarbonate material skylights for natural lighting.hese can be fixed by our team More..

About Proflex

Proflex, a division of M&B Engineering Ltd. and promoted by the M&B Group, has revolutionised the roofing industry with its path-breaking Self Supported Steel Roofing solution. Established in 2001, the leading roof company is a pioneer of Self Supported Steel Roofing in India.

Proflex is the only metal roofing company in India to offer comprehensive Self Supported Steel Roofing solutions, including conceptual sketches, authentic and original American technology, structural load reactions data and project management support. All of its state-of-the-art equipments are of American make and only Proflex has its own fleet of hydraulic telescopic cranes for erection of industrial roofing.

Factory Roof

We can Design, engineer and manufacture

We have Revolutionized the roofing industry with its path-breaking

Self Supported Steel Roofing Solution.


Proflex is a pioneer of self-Supported Roofing in India which is the ideal solution for industrial and factory roof. This American technology proven and in use in over 60 countries for the last four decades and has a prominent position in building and construction industry.


Proflex Roofing System is curved shaped ‘Self Supported Steel Roofing’ for industry and warehousing roofing. The innovative roofing system from America has been successfully proven.

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Proflex uses excellent quality, structural grade GALVALUME® Steel Sheet which is carbon steel sheet that has been pre-coated with aluminium-zinc alloy through continuous hot dip.

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Proflex has pioneered Self Supported Steel Roofing in India, which is the ideal solution for industrial & factory roof. This American technology is successfully proven & in use in over 60 countries for four decades

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Design Drawing

The self-supported roofing system’s technology is based on the arch-principle. Proflex Roofing System is designed to suit many different Building from all around the world.

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Proflex Roofing Solutions Technology uses high quality, high grade, pre-coated Galvalume Steel as the basic Raw material. The panel forming and installation is a 100% on-site process.

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Proflex is providing efficient solutions across industries by offering a diverse range of structures and using the latest technology. This unique technology does not use any nuts or bolts and the panels are joined together by mechanical seaming process, ensuring leak-proof roofing.

Steel Roof

Proflex uses the latest American Technology to provide industrial and commercial roofing solutions to diverse sectors. A name synonymous with self supported steel roofing system.

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Metal Roofing

Innovation is at the core of Proflex. We provide best-in-class solutions across industries by offering a diverse range of structures and roof types. Pictures of this application.

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Industrial Roofing

With Proflex Roofing you can use all the accessories that are applied in a conventional roofing system. For example: Hangers, wind operated turbo ventilators, transparent polycarbonate skylights.

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